Maternity, Baby, Children, Family and Engagement sessions start at $325 for up to four people ($25 per additional person) for 45 minutes to one hour of time with me, with a minimum $250 print order. You can have multiple locations inlcuding outdoors, in the studio, and even the comfort of your own home. Wedding coverage starts at $2200 and is then tailored to fit each one's specific needs.


I love to photograph anywhere from urban locations in downtown Calgary, to a wide open field, to my studio where I have lots of props to keep things fun and origional. When you call to book your session, we can discuss in more detail what location suits you best.


Color and texture! Load it up from head to toe, literally. Think of clothing with texture, whether it be with ruffles, funky stitching, buttons, ribbon, embroidery, a funky pattern, anything that adds interest. If you are coming for your baby or your family portrait, bring all kinds of clothing options including hats, headbands, knitted tuques, scarves and funky jewelry.This will add texture and interest and most importantly, personality to your photos. If you are coming for a family portrait, I recommend sticking to a color scheme, and not all wearing the same color T-shirt. Try to stay away from white or pastel shirts, as it doesn't add much interest to your photos. A suggestion would be to pick an accent color and incorporate it in certain peices of clothing like a belt, neclace, shoes or scarf. That way, everyone can have their own style and personality, while maintaining a color scheme.

If you have any questions, or would like to book your session, please contact me.